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Hrušov Castle

Category: Castles

Most of the castles are shrouded in mystery of Medieval night. The same goes for ruins of the Hrušov Castle. To these days it is the feature of quartzite chain of eastern hillsides of Tribeč Mountains, at elevation from 475 to around 490 m a.s.l.

Thanks to castle’s strategic position his owners could control an important mountain road from Region of Požitavie to Ponitrie, and they were also connected to neighbouring castle above Klížske Hradište and to Gýmeš Castle. Construction of original, not very extended Early Gothic castle was commissioned by famous oligarch, Matthew Csák at the end of 1280s. In the 14th century, when it became royal property, there was built a high defence tower. Thanks to prospecting for placer gold in surrounding brooks its importance has increased. That is why it used to change owners often in the 14th - 15th century. In the middle of the 16th century it was owned by lords from neighbouring Topoľčianky. Famous warrior against Turks, Ján Topoľčiansky fortified it and rebuilt it in Renaissance style. In the 17th century the castle passed to property of Rákóczi family who had extended it and modernized the fortification of castle. Despite this it was conquered and looted by imperial armies in 1708.

To these days only ruins of abandoned castle persisted, members of citizen association OZ LEUSTACH try to save it. Castle is connected with many legends, for example on Elisabeth Rákóczi who was saved by angels when she jumped out of the castle tower or on Golden trasure of Hrušov guarded by four animal creatures in interior of castle basements or on lost herdsman who had been lost while looking for that treasure in the underground of the castle.

You can find more detailed information on history of the Hrušov Castle, its owners and beauties of surrounding flora and fauna on informational boards situated directly in the castle area.

Source: Stanka Blahova - OZ LEUSTACH, Miloš Bača - Nitra Self-Governing Region