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Pohronský Inovec

Category: Country beauties (places of interest)

Pohronský Inovec belongs to the area of Slovak Central Mountains. It is of volcanic origin, consists of andesites and rhyolites. Regressive erosion in mountain range cut only edge fault hillsides, in central and north-western part the surface maintained form of plateau with rolling land up to highlands. The highest mountain of Pohronský Inovec is Veľký Inovec mountain with height of 901 m.a.s.l..

Area of Pohronský Inovec is drained by rivers Žitava and Hron. These rivers have their flow maximum in March and April, the flow considerably decreases in summer. Warm/ warm temperate temperature is typical for mountain range, with average annual temperature of 9°C. Big part of range is covered by broadleaf oak-hornbeam forest mixed with beech. Oak, mainly sessile oak, is a predominant woody plant. In Pohronský Inovec prevailing is a forested mountain landscape with rural settlement structure of secluded type (so called ‘štále’).
Source text : loosely according to tourist map Tribeč, Pohronský Inovec - Topoľčianky, VKÚ Harmanec