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Recreational centre Duchonka

Category: Water areas

District of Topoľčany, Municipality of Prašice

Duchonka lies 18 km to the nort-west from county town Topoľčany and 4 km from Municipality of Prašice at altitude of 275 m and it is a part of cadaster of Prašice village. Favourable climatic conditions of mountain Považský Inovec and water reservoit itself in birch-pine grove make this territory an attractive place for summer holidays at water, with rich offer of tourism and cyclotourism on marked routes, for mushroom picking, fishing, water sports and summer entertainment with rich offer of sports and cultural activities.

In surroundings of Duchonka and in the beautiful nature of Považský Inovec, in the part above water dam, there is a protected natural reserve Čepušky. Among cultural monuments on Duchonka there is Hunting Manor House, built in 1930 - 1931 on commission of Dr Stephen Haupt von Buchenrod, it was for his daughter Hedalise, wife of the owner of manor of Tovarníky, baron August Haupt – Stummer. Project’s author was professor Leo Bauer from Vienna. Building was directed by architect Ján Tomaschek from Nitra. In spring 1945, before arrival of frontline, manor house was plundered by Germans, they damaged equipment and set it on fire. It was repaired in 1950 and there was placed a Master school of forestry. Later it was taken over by Ministry of Interior of the SR. Now it is the European Institute providing accomodation with possibility of boarding.

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Open: seasonally

DUCHONKA CAMPING - recreational area Duchonka

956 22 Prašice


+421 (0) 902/337672 (rezervácie ubytovania)

+421 (0) 948/609909