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Renaissance chateau of aristocratic family of Apponyi from the 17th century was after reconstruction transformed in luxurious hotel with the famous Baroque library of this ancient dynasty. In unique hotel complex you can find magnanimous halls, 34 stylish rooms and 7 spacious and luxuriously furnished suites.

Even if they have a new and fresh smell, the manor house premises have a stunning history. In the past personalities as members of presidential dynasty of Roosevelt, Josephine Baker, maharajah from Patiala, Thomas Cardeza from Titanic, Albanian queen Geraldina and many others stayed there.

It gives shivers to everyone who will end up in beloved library of patron and count of Oponice, ANTON GEORG APPONYI (1751 - 1817). Anywhere you look and anything you touch, you can feel the love for books. Apponyi loved books. He had collected them whole life in Vienna. He liked also music equally so a little Viennese wing symbolizes his big friendship with giants of music as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt and Chopin, who used to play and compose for this aristocratic family in Vienna and Paris.

„Prudentii Aurelii Opera“ from the 9th century written on parchment, Dante’s „Allighieri comedia col comento“ with engravings of Sandro Botticelli or famous Bible from Johannes Guttenberg from 1435 are nowadays considered to be absolute gems of the European librarianship... That was the library in the glory of its period. Count Apponyi collected during his life more than 30.000 precious books - today only half of them is in the library, around 15.000… In the 18th century more than 400 incunabula had shined on bookshelves. Anton George Apponyi was outlived by his books. He inherited passion for books from father Anton Apponyi. He bought the library after uncertain destiny and transferred it from Vienna to Bratislava. Heritage and count’s love came back to life. Legendary library became at count’s request the first public library in Slovakia. It used to receive precious English press from London and it was known as „Public National Library of Presbourg“. After little less than 20 years the library has found more calm place in Renaissance manor house in Oponice. Bohemian and the last owner of local dominion HENRICH APPONYI (1885 - 1935), successful graduate of Oxford and of university in Pest, lived for his bohemian parties in the manor house. Many famous personalities knew them, as Josephine Baker, Theodore Roosevelt, Adam Opel or Thomas Cardeza - passenger of Titanic who had survived the shipwreck in 1912… Henrich interrupted his stay in Oponice with expensive expeditions to Africa, India, Himalayas.

Today the manor house CHATEAU APPONY is the only place in Slovakia where you can come and study the press from period between the 16th and 20th century for free. In library there are still precious works of N. Machiavelli, P. Aretin, Michelangelo, Newton, Goethe, Voltaire or Shakespeare. The library is a huge magnet for hotel guests as well as for tourists from various parts of the world. Many people come here to get an experience and they perceive library as a great relaxation and the place with touch of history and French elegance. The credo of Apponyi library is still actual and it fulfils its goal to these days „LITERIS IN PATRIA AVGENDIS“ (For improvement of erudition in the country.).

Manor house’s stylish restaurant Songe is pride of the hotel gastronomy. For relaxation of guests there is a modern wellness with swimming pool with panoramatic view, jacuzzi, sauna world and massages. Park surrounding the chateau is the oasis of greenery with rare woody plants and park lake. In this beautiful area there are two tennis courts with master surface and artificial lighting.


Mo. – Su.: 10:00 to 22:00

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Fr., Sa.: 10:00 - 23:00

Oponice 271 
956 14 Oponice
Slovak Republic
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