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Oponice’s area does not stand out, the village is „crouching“ under western foothills of majestic Tribeč Mountains. Economic, cultural and social life of the village was strongly influenced by the dynasty that „has dropped the anchor“ here in 1392. It was Hungarian „Peech“ family who got Oponice in exchange for Bernolákovo and when its members saw majestic walls of the castle at the end of the 14th century and beautiful nature around, they had decided to change their predicate from Peech to Apponyi (Appony was Hungarian form of name of the village of Oponice that already existed at that time). It is a unique phenomenon in the history!

Oponice belongs to those few villages of Ponitrie that were constantly settled from the 9th century to modern times. The first written reference to an existence of Oponice comes from 1244 when it was mentioned in documents of Chapter of Nitra. In village of Oponice there is smaller Renaissance manor house of Apponyi family from the turn of the 16th and the 17th century. In 1993 the municipality gave the green light to establishment of APPONYI MUSEUM that is still in operation. There are more than 2.500 exhibits connected with Apponyi dynasty. There are pictorial collections, period movables, part of the famous family library established in 1774, hunting trophies, sacral objects from local church and many other period objects. From 2005 on the ground floor of museum there is installed exhibition of artefacts of allied airplanes that falled in Tribeč Mountains towards the end of World War II. Collection is completed by exposition of historical motocycles /Manet 90 – the first Slovak motocycle from 1947/, bicycles and radios. Besides visit of Apponyi Hunting Museum you can make a trip to ruins of Oponice Castle, to see tomb of Apponyi dynasty under the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. You can also visit Apponyi library.


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