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Rich aristocratic count Grassalkovich was adviser of Hungarian Chamber and guard of crown jewels. Hunyadis bought porperties exactly from count Grassalkovich. Probably it was count Imrich Hunyadi who commissioned construction of Baroque manor house in Mojmírovce (in the past Urmín) nearby Nitra in the 18th century.

Count’s passion for travelling and hunting is still present in the manor house. Count brought rare woody plants probably from world wanderings. Manor house’s park with many exotic trees, bushes and plants was one of the most beautiful parks of Upper Hungary. But it wasn’t the only feature. Already more than 200 years passed since first horse races were held in Austria-Hungary. 13 horses were racing on 2.600 metres long circuit. The horse Tajár from breeding of Urmín won the race, Hunyadi bought him from rich sheikh. Popularity of races was growing each year, there were more than 40 thousand spectators during the third year, among which also members of imperial family.

Manor house’s fate was almost sealed after World War II, later there was an idea to transform it into historical hotel and place for art. Since then it came into existence for the art again. It is the only place in Slovakia where you can find 130 icons from Serbian, Cyprian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian iconographers at a single location. Direct continuity on icons is represented by symbols of the biggest world religions with tens of portraits of philosophers, writers and scientists - they are in symbiosis in „Corridor of tolerance“. Also the native of Mojmírovce, count Grassalkovich has its place in manor house, he is reminded by his portraits with empress Maria Theresa who had promoted him to the count for his loyal service.

Fairytale stairs every queen not only of the ball wishes to walk on. Original Terezian chandeliers are lighting each evening. Mainly during the Ball of count Hunyadi that regularly takes place in the manor house during ball season at the beginning of the year. Manor house is one of the places where you can come for relaxation and entertainment.

Ladies can relax in hotel relax centre, ceiling of which is decorated with one of the biggest contemporary paitings in Slovakia called „Orchid flowers“. Gentlemen can check their aiming in tunnel shooting range for short weapons. The highlight of manor house’s atmosphere is three hundred years old wine cellar with enoteca, completed by collection of 12 paintings from 24 academic painters linked to the theme of wine and viniculture.


Mojmírovce 919 
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Slovak Republic
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