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Danubian Hills is the biggest province in Slovakia occupying Northern and North-Eastern part of Danubian Lowland. Hilly relief is prevailing there, but significant areas are occupied also by plain, mainly alongside rivers Váh, Nitra, Žitava, Hron and Ipeľ. Relief’s altitude is from 110 metres to 300 up to 350 metres. v.

Danubian Hills is divided into 11 sub-units, 10 from which are situated in the Nitra Region. These are Lower Váh River Plain, Nitra Hills, Nitra River Plain, Žitava Hills, Žitava River Plain, Hron Hills, Hron River Plain, Čenkov River Plain, Ipeľ Hills and Ipeľ River Plain.

Climatically, it belongs to lowland, warm temperate and dry climate. Average temperature in January is –1 up to -4 degrees, in summer 18-20 degrees. There are from 50 to 70 summer days.

Text source: loosely according to tourist guidebook Hronská pahorkatina - VKÚ Harmanec
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