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Karol Spišák’s Old Theatre

Category: Theatres

To be few steps from the oldest town in Sovakia and not to visit its streets would be as to look on a plate full of sweet-smelling dumplings and not to taste them.

Not to talk about the scent of town that fascinates senses of wandering „conqueror“. One of modern cultural features of the town of Nitra is, beside other things, the Karol Spišák’s Old Theatre, formerly puppet ensemble near Nitra Regional Theatre, historically significant and noticeable thanks to its theatre tradition. As results from the name, it has maintained its mission until these days: to bring joy, smile and often also moral for the smallest spectators who can often elevate criticism standard quite a lot. Three pigs along with Janko and Marienka and what Palculienka with Psíček and Mačička would say! And also Vajce would say something if not wandering again. Simply - children are pouring into Old Theatre in same way as we pour sugar on above provocating dumplings. Attention! If you accidentally meet on Street 7. pešieho pluk, in the middle of the week or on the eve of weekend, Dracula lost in thought, majestic Sherlock Holmes or even moving bloodthirsty Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, you can easily and quickly become solitary with a cultural experience in pocket.

And you, grown-ups by soul, body and other conveniences of modern medicine, do not have another possibility just to cross the verge of timeless memories, living in moments of immortal dramatic scores..." (J. Moravčík)

Ul. 7. pešieho pluku 1, 949 01  Nitra
Tel.: 037/6524091, 6524092