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Teatro Tatro

Category: Theatres

TeatroTatro is a unique appearance with colourful spectrum of dramatic productions, genres and creative methods, it is a permanent agitator on its way to new synthetic scenic language. Its basic creative personalities (O. Spišák, F. Lipták) are not influenced by fashion trends, period traditions, or witless adoption of „foreign safe bets“. Both authors (along with great actors) rather live and create on the ground. They follow trails covered with dust of „low“ juggler art and they bring regular spectators always new and new catharsis...

The Magical Theatrical Vending Machine Winter olympics during hot summer! Unique vending machine, programmed by spectators, brings atmosphere of Winter Olympic Games to Europe. Nerve wrecking sports tournaments in interpretation of theatre company decorated with gold medals from Canada. Just spin the wheel of fortune and what you have known only from television screens will now be live!

Farská 42, 949 01  Nitra
Tel.: 037/7721690,