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District of Nitra, town of Nitra

It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. Everyone who have ever tried to learn something and to remember a little from it can confirm this. Visitors of Agrokomplex exhibition centre know this already for 40 years. When Agrokomplex came to the first exhibition in 1974, no one could know that four decades later it will be possible to visit the event bearing the same name and on the same place. But many things have changed since then and people under Zobor do not gather anymore only during harvest celebrations and harvest supper. It is the other way around. Now you can witness events of all the possible kinds.

Professionals will find something for themselves on highly specialized trade fairs or exhibitions, when they can deal with business things and new business partnerships in pleasant environment. However, Agrokomplex, informally called „Agráč“, is visited also by thousands of people with whole families who are coming to the exhibition centre in order to relax and to spend their free time meaningfully. Each season is already connected with exhibitions or trade fairs of certain specialization. Varied calendar of exhibitions and fairs confirms that there are many of them. People planning a perfect wedding can meet from January until the end of March. Heating and water technicians can see the newest technologies from their industry. Probably everyone has a furniture at home and everyone wants it to be modern and stylish. Agriculture cannot do without quality and industrial machines for treatment or production. Fishermen and hunters will never leave with empty hands and the spring is the best period to think about new things to garden or how to embellish the land. May is on the half way to summer and at exhibition centre it is connected with the biggest engineering trade fair in Slovakia. August brings higlight of the programme, Agrokomplex exhibition. Who was one year old during the first year, is now 42. So many times and exhibition centre can always bring something new. Agricultural and food processing exhibition has expanded and takes place in almost all the area, where each of many thousands of visitors have a place for relaxation and entertainment. Summer is not the end of big events and motor sport enthusiasts are starting to look forward to autumnal exhibition of cars and all the things related. Important is also that in the area of exhibition centre on the surface of more than 30 hectares there is a Slovak Museum of Agriculture with unique and historically very valuable exhibits. But the question is, why we should stop and visit Agrokomplex exhibition centre in this modern rushed period? In average half million of visitors each year can give an answer. So do not miss exhibitions bringing smile to face of visitors of each age category during all year. Visit exhibition centre under Zobor with wide offer of unique events.