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District of Komárno, town of Kolárovo

The last extant water mill in territory of Slovakia floats with dignity under crowns of patulous poplars and willow trees on quiet surface of Little Danube. At the beginning of the 20th century there were plenty of them on our flows. They were forming inseparable atmosphere on water of Dunaj or Váh. Millstones of these peculiar wooden giants having a weight of several tons were twisting during whole season, anchored in the middle of the strongest flow of the river, milling hardly grown grain.

"Water mill as from fairy tale"

Nowadays this past world is already forgotten. Old mills were long ago replaced by more efficient steam, later electric mechanism. Visit of Water Mill Museum in Kolárovo will remind you at least for a while of times when farmers were persistently bringing sacks full of grains to river shores on horse carriages, here they transfered them on boats so the precious content could be finally milled by millstones of floating mills.

Shipboard water mill in Kolárovo is a unique cultural monument documenting skills and resourcefulness of our ancestors. It is situated on a dead arm of the Little Danube where it forms part of the buildings of folk architecture within wider natural area.

Visitors can access mill through unique 86 m long completely wooden, roofed bridge standing on posts. Ľubomír Augustín


Petőfiho rad 23
946 03 Kolárovo
Slovenská republika
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