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District of Nové Zámky, town of Nové Zámky

Natural reserve Zúgov with water cascades is situated at north-eastern border of town of Nové Zámky. It is a protected landscape area. River is divided in two parts above water cascades, that causes origin of two waterfalls. River is then connected again into one complex and flows alongside eastern and southern town border.

It leaves town on south-western side behind a forest park Berek. Waterfalls are accessible by car, bike or by walking. Access road for motor vehicles is on exit in direction towards Bánov. Cyclists and pedestrians can use other possibility via dam alongside river Nitra.

Natural reserve Zúgov provides enchanting place for a get-together during summer months at murmuring of water and singing of birds. In summer period it is a popular place for fishermen.

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Municipal Authority
Hlavné námestie 10
940 35  Nové Zámky
Tel.: 035/ 6400 225